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Who Are We?

Florida Aerospace

Florida Aerospace is the training center where anyone can start the path to becoming a professional Avionics Technician.

We are developing critically needed skills for our students to obtain employment across the Aerospace industry. Our approach is to utilize the latest technologies to train exceptional employees for our community’s employers.

OUR VISION: Florida Aerospace Training Center is the choice for Avionics Training in Florida by providing exceptional training and education to our students through outstanding instructors and partners; and shaping the next generation of Aerospace professionals.


  • Develop the skills of students in our Avionics Technician Program and provide quality training, so that they have the best opportunities to succeed in the Aerospace Industry
  • To expand our demographics by providing training in both English and Spanish
  • Provide the opportunity to high school graduates to have a career in less than a year
  • Cultivating appreciation and understanding of aviations past, present and future in today’s youth.


Ivelisse Rivera
CEO / President

Amaudy Torres
Vice President / Avionics Instructor

Team Instructors
and Industry Professionals

Amaudy Torres
Avionics Instructor

David Akers
Electronics Instructor
Sheet Metal Instructor

Superior Aviation Gateway
Flights Lab Pilot School


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Avionics News

Florida Aerospace Training Center lleva la aviación a nuevas alturas con su programa de Técnico de electrónica de aviación (Avionics Technician)

Miami - ¡Prepárense amantes de la aviación, porque Florida Aerospace Training Center está haciendo olas con su programa de Técnico de electrónica de aviación (Avionics Technician).

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Florida Aerospace Training Center is a Center authorized by the Federal Communication Commission (FCC) to offer exams to obtain federal commercial licenses to be able to work as a Technician of Regular Electronics, Marine and Aviation. We are accredited by the Electronics Technician Association (ETA) International and International Certification Council (ICAC)