Florida Aerospace

Frequently Asked Questions

1-How long does the course take?

It takes 3 to 6 months.

2. What industries or companies could you work in?

General Aviation,  Commercial Aviation, Wire Harness Technician, Marina, regular electronics, and more.                                  

3. Do you offer finance?

We offer payment plans and have a partnership with GTE Financial to make loans through them. * Subject to credit approval.

4. Where can I work after graduation? Are jobs available in the aviation repair and technician field?

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5- How much does an avionics technician earn?

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National estimates for Avionics Technicians:

Employment estimate and mean wage estimates for Avionics Technicians:

Employment (1)Employment
RSE (3)
Mean hourly
Mean annual
wage (2)
Wage RSE (3)
18,9102.8 %$ 33.59$ 69,8600.9 %

Percentile wage estimates for Avionics Technicians:

Hourly Wage$ 18.61$ 27.38$ 33.31$ 38.79$ 48.49
Annual Wage (2)$ 38,700$ 56,960$ 69,280$ 80,690$ 100,860